Why SEO And Lousy Content Do Not Mix?

“Words are free. It’s how you use them that they may cost you.”

With this being said, we all know the power of words. Words can make things up and can even destroy them up if used in certain ways in both real and virtual life. Social media is a platform highly dependent on content and content is mainly comprised of words. Thus it is important to ensure that whatever content you put on the web is authentic and not offensive to any community or individual.

Apart from this another thing to keep in mind while promoting on social media would be avoiding social noise. Now the question is- What is Social Noise?

Social noise is the unwanted, useless content present on the internet and the web is full of it. It exists in the form of images, texts, gifs, etc. and we may encounter it while searching for a query on the web.

To get to understand this better let’s take the example of a blog. While promoting a website, blogs are one of the easiest ways to accomplish the goal. But each one of us has sometime or the other gotten stuck between producing quality content and quantity content. And more often than we realise, we opt for the latter option. In the process of producing a long array of content, we tend to mix up the SEO and the lousy ones. That mix up of lousy and SEO amounts to social noise.

But when you search for a query on the web, it gives you the relevant content only. You must have wondered as to how the internet differentiates between the good and the bad content. For this issue, we have SEO and the search engines are smart enough to know how to not mix up SEO and lousy content.

The basis of differentiation of not mixing up the two are –

  • Quality-The content on the web is ranked according to its quality. If whatever you have uploaded matches the audience’s interests and is relevant to their needs, it gets ranked up automatically. Google works upon the basis of content relevance. If what you put on the web is trash and of no use to the audience, then its rank will never increase. The search engine determines what is lousy and what is relevant SEO according to the quality of content that you upload.
  • User-Friendly Experience– Many times the content that one puts on the web is of good quality, but it cannot be viewed on multiple devices. This spoils the user experience which not only leads to your company losing clients but also the content’s rank getting deteriorated. Content which can be viewed easily on different platforms becomes a priority for search engines and gets easily differentiated from lousy content.
  • Competitor- One of the basic way of differentiating between SEO and lousy content is to compare it with its competitor’s. Competitors are always at a war to upload the best content on the web to get a better rank than the other brand. So if it ranks above the competitor’s or at par with it, then it’s good and if it doesn’t then it is lousy.

Every day we go through tons of content on the web, some of which may benefit us while some may be just a waste of time. It is the duty of the search engines to filter content according to their relevance and present them to us. Things like quality, keywords, brevity, etc. are the major basis on which this is done. Now that you know what all to put up on your social media campaign, let’s consider a situation when your content backfires and instead of getting you potential customers leaves you with even lesser regular ones.

Coca-Cola was once a victim of this particular situation. Once to promote the soft drink brand during the time of Christmas, Coca-Cola published a map of Russia which did not have the territory Crimea. Crimea has always been a sour grape for Russia. Thus in the process of promoting its product, Coca Cola ended up mocking Russia’s past which led to a huge political unrest.

Content can be a huge element in your brand’s success of failure. Controversies happen but Google and other search engines have their own way of making this right. So, next time whenever you Google something up, don’t worry because you won’t get a picture of Katy Perry when you are searching for NASA satellites.


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