Digital Marketing is on a rise in today’s times. But the journey is not always a smooth one. Promoting your brand on digital platforms has its own drawbacks, one of the biggest being attracting the audience’s attention. The public lacks stability and tends to get bored easily

So you need new tactics and strategies to catch the public’s attentions. Mentioned below are a few steps that can help you in achieving want you want-

  • Target Emotions- Humans are emotionally driven species. We respond to emotions more than we respond to reason or logic. You need to make emotions a base of your advertising and promotional strategy. When a brand targets the audience on an emotional basis, it leads to strengthening the relationship between them and helps the individual to relate with the product or the brand. Your brand should be based on the concept that brand promotion is not just about what your brand does, but also about what you can do if your brand combines with your customers.


  • Avoid Social Noise- The web has its share of unwanted content. It becomes the brand’s responsibility to make sure that only the relevant content reaches the audience. Apart from that the brand should also ensure that whatever message or content that it delivers on the web should be relevant to the cause and should not to the social noise.


  • Act as a Platform- Many times the easiest way to attract attention is to give the public a chance to show themselves. Thus making your company website or events platform for your customer to interact can be a great way to make sure that they pay attention digitally. When the public gets interested in an event or a concept on a personal level, it tends to follow it consistently.


  • Main Focus on Customer Service- Online customer care portals are an evolving trend and a great way to stay connected to them. It provides both the brand and the customer to get feedback and report issues or satisfaction, respectively. So for companies to ensure full digital attention from the customers’ side they need to first make sure that none of the customer services are delayed or neglected. Because a happy customer keeps the brand happy. Apart from this another important point to be kept in mind is that it is equally important to retain your existing customers as it is to get new ones for your brand. This could be done by taking regular feedbacks from your existing customers and making sure that they are being served well. Getting new customers is every brands goal, but what do you do when suddenly a potential sale goes wrong and lands in a ditch. In situations like this you should sit with the people involved in the sale and go over the points that could have been the reasons for not getting the sale. Doing this will help you in knowing what you are doing wrong and can help you in providing your customers exactly what he needs.


  • Building an Emotional Roller coaster- Studies have shown that public find it more interesting to watch a video or an ad, if they experience emotional ups and downs. The study was based on the human behaviour of adapting to things. To make use of this psychological fact, marketers suggest that when you are promoting your product through some creative content, do not give them all the information at once. Give it to them in tits and bits. Give them some joy and then take it back, repeat this again and again. Creating such cycles and loops helps in keeping the audience hooked to your content and thus increases the chances of them paying serious attention to you.


  • Target Viewers who will Share the Content- It is an obvious fact that people will share the content that they find it useful for their own self. To make them share your brand’s content; you need to follow the concept of ‘Viral Advertising Symbiosis’. It is the concept of creating content which is mutually beneficial to both the consumers and the advertisers.


So these are magic mantras to make your audience a fan of your brand. Following the above mentioned points you will not only get yourself the desired digital attention but will also rock the world of digital marketing.