Social Media as a Catalyst for Change

Who knew that the world would see Social Media grow up at such a fast pace in the last 7-8 years! Computers and Internet, which were once considered a luxury, have now been given the status of a necessity. Google, Facebook, etc. have formed a permanent space in our lives.

This evolution of technology has led to Social Media expanding its involvement in all fields. One of the biggest sectors to be affected by this technological giant is the field of marketing and promotions. With the advancement of Social media, the process of promotion and marketing has been catalysed.

Some of the major ways in which social media has changed the world of marketing and promotion are-

  • Feedbacks

The integration of social media into the marketing sector has brought with itself a two-way process of communication. Besides allowing brands to convey messages and promote themselves, Social media also gives a voice to the customers. This helps in nurturing a healthy relationship between the customers and the brand.

  • Contests

Holding online contests has turned out become an easy way to achieve loyal audience. To get online audience to become a regular visitor of their pages, companies run contests and encourage people to become socially active in order to win or receive prizes. This not just improves the brand’s online presence but also increase the number of loyal customers.

  • Staying Updated With News

With rumours and controversies on an increase, it is important for any brand to stay updated with anything that is being said about it. Social media comes handy at this point of time. It allows you to stay updated with all the news on the web.

  • Personalised Approach

Social Media allows the brand to approach its customers personally, without worrying about the menace of spamming. Maintaining a company page/profile on a social media platform lends you the benefit of personalising your approach to the customers. You can make the conversation informal and can even add emojis to make it fun and interesting. This weaves an emotional bond between you and the customer.

  • Social Signals-

Many of us wonder that why do all posts have the option of like, share and comment on the bottom. Well they play a vital role in increasing the website’s rank among the SERPs. Every time you click on any of the three options, the relevance of your website on the search engines increases. This in turn gets you a higher place in the SERPs.

  • New Word of Mouth Process-

 It is a known fact that word of mouth helps in building trust between the company and the audience. But in the social world, word of mouth equals like, share and comment. When people see their fellow mates sharing some stuff, they are intrigued about it and also try to develop a taste for it. In this process the brand ends up getting new customers while simultaneously retaining the old ones.

  • Informed about Customers-

In the world where tweets and updates happen every second, it has become easy for the brands to know what your customers are looking for. The audience is getting more tech and internet savvy each day. Thus they know that whatever they want is available with some vendor at the price that is okay for them to pay. This leads them to approaching the brand directly themselves, making it easy for the brand to market its product.

  • Customer Loyalty

Social Media may have made things easy but has also left some drawbacks to deal with. With multiple options to choose from, customers no more stick to one brand and are always on a lookout for a better option. Social media has made everything available easily on one platform and that has somehow led to reduced customer loyalty.

Social media has changed the way we market our products. With smartphones becoming a thing that every house hold has, marketers have chosen internet over traditional platforms to promote their product. While at one place it has made the entire marketing process easy, at another end it has also led to loss of trust and loyalty. Social Media has brought about a great change in the way that the brands work. With everything available at just a click of a button, Social Media has catalysed the entire marketing process.



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