Link Building is a wide concept for all digital marketers. While it is a different strategy but still digital marketing professionals consider it a part of normal marketing process and sometimes give it the name of specialized marketing. To explain it in simple words-

“Link Building is the process of linking external pages to your website.”

Link Building allows a website manager to set up quality and relevant link to the original company website. This creates a significant image of authority in the eyes of the search engine. When the search engine searches for a query, the linked page appears in the higher ranks.
Observing the tactics of link building, we can say that link building can be termed as a type of specialized marketing. To know more about the relation let’s look at the below points-

• Getting Traffic– The main aim of every marketing strategy is getting traffic to your website or gaining customers. Link building also works towards the same goal. When a person clicks on your website’s link on an external webpage, he is immediately directed to your website. This gets you an increased number of traffic.
Brand Promotion– Just like any other marketing strategy, link building also works towards brand promotion. While putting up your link on an external webpage, the page acts as a mediator between your website and the customer. The external webpage become a platform for your promotion. Apart from this, even if the audience does not click your web link, you still gain touch points and increase your brand presence.
• Ranking– Main aim of any website or page is to get a good ranking by the Google. A good rank on Google gives your page an upper hand above the others and gets it a place among the top websites to show when a related query is searched for.

Basics of Link Building
All marketing strategies require a detailed research to be the first step of the entire strategy formation process. Same is the case with link building. For any brand to work on link building, it is important for it to first do the niche research. The SEOs need to recognise their positions and where they stand in the present market scenario. Without proper understanding of the market, link building will never be successful. A lousy research may end up with you putting up the brand links on irrelevant and unwanted pages, thus attracting wrong audience.
Apart from research consistency is another important basic of link building. Link building is an efficient way of brand promotion, improving brand visibility and gaining exposure. But this is only possible if the brand puts in consistent efforts towards link building. This would not only provide you with results in the present day market, but will also help your brand sustain in the long term.

Simple Link Building Tips
Link building is not an easy task, but that does not mean that it is not feasible. There are certain white hat SEO methods that make the process executable.

Request backlinks-
Think of people you know like friends, family, peers who own a blog. Request them to backlink you in the contents they publish on their blog. This is a novice technique but do not underestimate its long time effect.

Associate online-
It is important to forge online relationships and make new contacts. To do this you need to join relevant forums and discussion groups on social media sites like Facebook and so on. Actively participate in these groups by writing insightful posts and comments. This activity will help you gain backlinks.

Post testimonials
Posting testimonials is a great way to garner backlinks. It helps in building trust and gets you the attention of people who will be willing to backlink you. This will drive up your website traffic if done properly.

Start a blog-
Start a blog that is highly active with regular updates. The content should be unique and not borrowed material. If it is, then your credibility will be lost. The posts should be of great quality and highly informational enough to compel readers to backlink you.
To keep the long story short, link building is a great way of promoting your brand and then maintaining the promoted image, but it also requires sincere effort to be put in to get you the desired results.