How To Earn Through Youtube

How To Start Earning Through YouTube?

Since its advent, YouTube has gone on to become a worldwide phenomenon. It has over a third of the entire population of the World Wide Web as users i.e. over a billion netizens. With gazillion hours of video content, YouTube has the answers to all your problems, from how you can be a millionaire to how you can impress a girl. True story.

Beyond uploading and viewing videos on YouTube, you can transform the medium into a treasure trove. Yes, it is possible to earn a lot via a YouTube channel. Here is how you do it:

Set Up An Organized Channel

Create a specific Gmail ID for your YouTube Channel. All activities of the ID should be focused solely on YouTube operations. Believe me, you don’t want random mails from various sources. The ID should be short and snappy, for your viewers to remember easily.

Catchy Channel Name

Your Channel name can make or break you. Okay, that’s a bit exaggerated, but it definitely plays a huge role in generating interest. Get that gray matter of yours working and come up with a catchy name that represents everything the channel is.

Quality Content

If you are Picasso, then YouTube is your canvas. Nothing but the best is expected from you. Your content must stand out and the only way to do that is by churning out original and creative content. It must be intriguing enough to engage viewers and keep them coming back for more.

Define your videos

Your videos should have a strong title and description that specifies what your content is about. Everything should be clear and precise. Misleading viewers should be avoided at all cost. It might generate views in the short run but will have a negative impact over time. Users will label your videos as ‘click bait’ and avoid it.

Steady Uploads

Believing that you can become a YouTube star by just posting one good video is like KRK believing that he’s the best actor in the world. Very unlikely. You need to keep uploading quality content religiously so that viewers have the choice to explore your work.

Like, subscribe and share

The first step to popularize your videos is by making the people you know share and recommend it to people they know. Share your content on various social media platforms till it catches on like fire.


This is the step where you begin to rake in the moolah; you monetize your channel. This option allows YouTube to feature ads on your videos. If you put out popular content, YouTube will offer you the chance to apply for revenue sharing for your videos. Grab the opportunity without any hesitation.

Set Up AdSense

The next step is to set up a Google AdSense account and link it to your channel. This is a major move as it allows you to collect your earnings. It can be collected only if you have a valid bank or PayPal account and an existing mailing address.

Analyze And Gain Traffic

The last step involves checking out your video analytics to see the number of views, minutes watched, ad performance, age-group of viewers etc. so that you know if your content is reaching your target audience and so on.

With all said and done, quality content is what really matters. So get your creative juices flowing and make videos that will have people falling in love with your channel.

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November 8, 2017 at 10:31 am

Every bit helping and informative, this blog has all the info you need to know for making your youtube channel more famous. Thank you for sharing so many tips and tricks for increasing viewership on youtube.

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