How to find the right social media platform to support your business?

How to find the right social media platform to support your business?

‘Jack of all trades, master of none.’ You can always refer to this idiom when you are deciding on juggling multiple social media platforms to promote your business. It is a difficult task to be active on every social media outlet out there and master them all. Thus, it would be a wise decision to initially select a few platforms and focus your energy there. Now the question is how do you select these social media platforms? Fret not, follow these steps and you will be good to go –

Recognize and study your audience

Your first step should be to ascertain who your target audience is. The best way to do that is by researching the age group, income level, sex etc. of your customers in order to understand the making of your target group.

Make concrete goals and plans

Define your goals in regards to how you will use social media. While most businesses aim to earn profit by driving sales through social media, others use it to create a brand image by reaching out to their customers. You must decide how you will use the medium.

Choose the right platform

Once you are done identifying your audience and defining your goals, you have to deduce which platform your target group is inclined to use. This can be done by studying the data gathered. Based on that you can easily pick out the platform that will work the best for you.

In order to navigate the world of social media, you can use the below mentioned tips to market your business in some of the major platforms –


It is a well established fact that if Facebook was a country, it would be the most populous one with 1.3 billion users.  In the midst of all this cacophony, it is vital to remember that Facebook is basically used to keep in touch with old friends and foster new relationships. So if you are looking to build loyalty with your pre-existing customers, Facebook is right for you.


If you belong to the service industry, YouTube is a great option. With one billion users and many unaccounted ones, YouTube’s reach is phenomenal. As most searches belong to the “How To” category, service industry businesses can grow exponentially on this platform.


Twitter is generally used to update users with real time news and information. A lot of companies use this platform to bring about brand awareness. So if you are looking to build awareness and make a brand image, Twitter will do wonders for you.


As of now Instagram is all the rage among young audiences worldwide. As a result, this platform has grown with leaps and bounds. Instagram focuses on picture related content and emphasizes on visual aesthetics. If your business involves dealing in art, food, retail, and beauty, Instagram can be your social media of choice.

The advantage of focusing to specific social media platform is that it will yield better results in the long run. Distributing your efforts on various media outlet will not only prove challenging but also create confusion. So stick to a select few and once you have mastered them you can expand your scope.

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