Google Analytics Tips for Public Relations

Google Analytics Tips for Public Relations

Bill Gates once said, “If I was down to my last dollar, I would spend it on public relations.” If the richest man on earth says this, then I believe that public relations must hold a lot of power when it comes to managing a business. Public relation has gone through a lot of changes over the years. Proper execution of PR activities have helped brands reach great heights and is believed to be the most positive strategy for your brand. If you are one of those who like everything checked and measured, you can now use Google Analytics to measure your PR activities’ success. Let’s see how it is done.

  • Annotations

Working on Google Analytics provides you with the liberty of adding notes and annotation for particular events. You can use this feature to record dates of press releases, earned coverage, blog posts, etc. This tool can be of great help in checking if your marketing efforts are working smooth together and if your combined efforts are getting the desired results.

  • Referral Traffic

If you want to know which of your outlets are bringing actual profit, you can take the help of Google Analytics. Apart from this Google Analytics also provides you information regarding which social media platforms are directing audience back to your website for additional information. Having traffic coming from a variety of sources is always good for your website. You can also ensure that your website receives a sufficient mix of organic and search traffic, to protect the site’s algorithm in case a search engine changes its algorithm.

  • Visitor Types

When you are planning a strategy, it is important that you know if you are addressing an existing group of audience or approaching a new one. Having a fair understanding of the metrics and the reports can help you in determining if your content is doing any good or not in both the cases.

  • The Bigger Picture

Focusing on just the page views and the time a user spends on the site can be a huge mistake that you might be making. Pay attention to where a user goes after he opens your site. If he is clicking a new page every 10 second, there might be a possibility that he is not able to find what he needs and that your content strategy needs changes. If he stays on a page for long and comes back on it again, maybe that is a page with useful content and you can enhance it for even better results.

  • Shared Content

Google Analytics can be a great tool to measure the shared content. It will provide you with all the information about what content is being shared, how much it is shared, how popular it is, etc. With this information, the website manager can create content that the users are actually looking for and will like. If you want to check this, you can go to the social feature below the ‘Acquisition’ section and can check the Landing pages. You can use the tool to check which URLs are getting you visitors and the time duration that the visitors are spending on your website.

  • Bounce Rate

You can now use Google Analytics to check what people are using your website for. It gives you information about which pages attract the maximum visitors and on which pages the visitors spend the most time. By knowing all this you can get an idea about which parts of your public relation campaigns is bringing the best results.

Measuring PR Campaign

The above mentioned points are about how you can use Google Analytics for your PR campaigns, but wouldn’t it be wonderful if you could get to know exactly what points you need to measure in the campaigns. Well we have the answer to that for you. Given below are the principle points that you should be measuring during a PR campaign-

  1. Goal Setting
  2. The effect of the campaign on the outcomes.
  3. The effect of the campaign on the business results.
  4. Measure all the quantitative and qualitative aspects of the campaign.
  5. Social Media engagement should be measured regularly.
  6. Measure if the campaign is transparent and replicable.

Public Relation is an important aspect of any brand campaign. Without fulfilling a brands’ PR needs, it is impossible to get the audiences’ attention. To make the most out of it, Google Analytics can help you in tracking how your PR campaign is working and where all it needs improvement. So now is the time to say goodbye to all your PR worries, because Google Analytics is here to help you with it.

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