Google Analytics Shortcuts and Tips to Save Time

Google Analytics is the go-to tool for all marketers when they are in need of reports and statistics of their campaigns and strategies. But working on the tool can be a complex task without the knowledge of tips and shortcuts that can be used. For all those who are unaware of those tips, we bring to you 5 Google analytics shortcuts and tactics, to make using the software a fun task for you. Here you go-

  • Shift +D : Loading Default Dashboard

Google Analytics dashboards can be a great way to get an overall view of all the metrics and statistic that you need to examine regularly. If you are someone who finds it hard to remember where the dashboard is on the screen or is always up for quick access to every tool and feature, we have the best shortcut for you. The ‘Shift + D’ shortcut will inform the Google to load the dashboard on the screen for you. This saves you the time to go through the process of going to the navigation menu and then loading the dashboard.

  • ‘a’ : Account Panel

If you juggle between multiple different accounts and find it confusing to manage all of them, ‘a’ shortcut could be your best buddy. This shortcut does not require you to go back to the Home tab to open an account. The shortcut allows you to select a different account, view, property from all the options that you have within the report that you have opened at that time.

  • ‘s’ : Switch between Reports

This shortcut gives you the freedom to switch between Google Analytics Standard Reports without even touching the mouse. When you are in the Reporting section of the Google analytics, hit the ‘s’ button one time. Once you do this you will have two options to choose from-

  • Type the report that you want to view by giving the path to the particular report.
  • You can open any of the recently viewed reports, change to another one and the go back to the first one, according to your needs. A single hit on the ‘s’ can save you a lot of time.
  • Date Range Shortcut

Analysts use the date range selector to select the time frame within which they want to analyze the audience responses. We have a number of keyboard shortcuts to change the date range without using the mouse. Let’s say that you want to view the responses for the last 30 days. To do this using the keyboard, all that you need to do is hit the keys-‘d,3,0’. This will make the Google Analytics adjust the date range to that of the past 30 days. If you have to view the activity of just today you can just  hit ‘d,t’ and the data will be there for you on the screen.

Another keyboard shortcut that can be used for this is ‘d,x’. This shortcut will –provide you the date range that you have selected and add on to the ‘Compare to previous year’ for you to compare the changes in trend over time.

  • Automated Email Reports

Automated emails provide you easy access to the reports and statistics that you frequently need. The automated email feature can also be used to share the data with other people. To use this feature you need to select the email button from the ‘search term’. When you will click on this the email report configuration panel will open up. Add the person who you want to send the report to, attach the file to the email, and set the frequency of the report that you want to send. Finally, press the send button and the report will be sent to the concerned person with your attachment. Over time the reports that will be sent will just be a copy of the actual active reports with no change other than the period. You can access this feature from all reports, dashboards and custom reports that are created in the Google Analytics.

For people who work on Google Analytics most parts of the day, these shortcuts can help in saving a lot of time for them and can also make their work process more efficient. Such Google Analytics shortcuts also provide you with an easier access to your data and support you in making smart and informed decisions. So why not invest in these and make it a habit to be used regularly. You can end up saving time and get better results for the years to come.

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