Best and Biggest PPC Features in 2017

2016 saw the biggest mobile evolution in the history of digital marketing which took the entire world by storm and brought quite a change in the ways that brand promote and market their products. But those are the talks of the yesteryear.  2017 was no less than a rockstar when it comes to new PPC features that were launched, and with the year moving towards the end, it’s time we take a look at what all new was introduced this year-

  1. Machine Learning
    1. Machine learning is the application of artificial intelligence of a machine or gadget that makes it capable enough to learn from experiences and surroundings without it being programmed manually. With the concept of machine learning being taken into consideration, there is a possibility that it can be used in search marketing. Taking the example of Google’s smart display marketing, a brand campaign can depend upon on machine learning to automate the campaign.
    2. Another notable feature of machine learning would be Google’s announcement of expanding the meaning of close variants. It is being said that the concept of precision search will be removed. With this change Google will no more take into consideration the order of the word and broader variations based on plurals, typos, abbreviations will be available for searches.
  2. Tracking Conversions and Attributions
    1. The first half of the year witnessed the introduction of Google Attribution to the digital marketing world. Earlier marketers accessed attribution data using AdWords and Analytics, but the introduction of Attribution will allow multichannel data conversion for the bidding strategies.
    2. Google’s announcement of ‘in-store sales measurement programs’, was a big news in the online to offline conversion tracking field.
  • This year Google also provided marketers with a way to track and report the store visits from the YouTube campaigns.
  1. Ads
    1. In the starting of the year, Google launched a pilot called ‘Ads Added by AdWords’ in which 2,000 accounts participated. With this initiative, Google provided the accounts with new ad variation that could help their accounts in promotions.
    2. Google has made quite many variations in its Ad symbol. This year it changed the symbol from a bold green background to plain white background with a green outline.
  • Google announced call ads. It made the headline in the call-only ads default and set the call extensions at the account level.
  1. This year Google also launched a beta to allow marketers to focus their mobile search ads to AMP enabled landing pages.
  2. Another announcement made this year was that instead of displaying just the call extensions for advertisement, it would now display local phone numbers, if a central number or call extensions are not available for the website.
  3. Audience
    1. The first half of 2017 saw the concept of In-market audiences and similar audience coming into the market.
    2. Along with this, Bing ads enabled excluding lists when you are retargeting campaigns and also begun the testing of in-market and custom audience.
  4. Shopping
    1. This year Bing added the feature of inventory feeds and search query reports at the product level. After that, it also announced the Merchant Promotion for Shopping Campaigns that allowed merchants in US to highlight the special features on the ad of their products.
    2. Shopping ads on search engines has also started showing the display network. Google also started a pilot called Retail Shopping on display for fashion and home design retail sites.
  5. UI Changes
    1. After much anticipation, this year Google gave the advertisers the ability to see their quality score data using the AdWords. Along with this Google will also change the bidding interface in the user interface to show bid suggestions for various pages.
    2. Advertisers also got access to the new interface called AdWords Next. Google has announced that this feature will be available to everyone by the year-end.
  • Coming to Bing Ads, they provided us with expanded device targeting to allow advertisers to set up mobile-only campaigns. Along with this, advertisers also got access to Bing ads editor for Mac this year.


After reading the blog we can say that 2017 had a win-win situation when it comes to launching new PPC features. But the year has not ended yet and we can expect new arrivals anytime. And to make sure that you stay updated with all the new arrivals, we will be here with all the latest updates and news.

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