Digital marketing is on an unending road to success. Every year we see new advancements in the field coming up. With the new advancements, marketers have now started with predicting the trend for the coming year and basing their future marketing strategies on those predictions. So with 2017 almost towards the end, we have 6 predictions of digital marketing that came true this year-

  1. Training and Credentials

Last year, marketers announced that 2017 will be the year when people will come forwards to ditch the old schooled subjects and try their hands at learning the skills of digital marketing. This is one prediction that actually came true. This year we saw a lot of young as well as experienced professionals trying to take up a digital marketing course to improve their marketing skills. Apart from this many universities have also included digital marketing as a subject to be taught by experienced professionals and individuals skilled in this field. 2017 has seen many digital marketers launching their online courses for people to register for and learn digital marketing from the comfort of their homes.

  1. Native Advertising Technology will cater to Content Marketers.

2017 provided native advertising technology the best opportunities to grow. They were made to cater to the media buyers who paid for the impressions and clicks. This year made the marketers realise that if the native advertising technology really wanted to grab the best growth opportunity, then it needs to cater to the content marketers’ key performance indicator (KPI).

  1. Investments by Brands in Virtual Reality

One of the most popular applications of virtual reality is the trend of live videos that is being used by brands to attract attention on social media platform. Some of the other application could be–

  1. Using VR to give the users an idea about how your company works. You can give them a tour of the company and address them in a virtual way about your brand goes about with its visions. One of the example to take inspirations for this would be- Tom’s Shoe- a one-for-one shoe company.
  2. Another application inspiration could be taken from the popular TV series-Game of Thrones. The makers of the series took advantage of the VR to get the audience involved in the series at a greater level. Instead of just watching the show, the audience were given a chance to be a part of the series and witness the on-going track as a member of that story in the virtual reality.
  3. Pokémon Go- Remember when Pokémon go came and became the ruler for the short period of time. Its reign might have been short but the entire time that it was present in the market it ruled. The game was another example of a great VR initiative. It allowed the players to be a part of the game by catching virtual Pokémons in the real world.
  1. In-Feed Videos

The in-feed videos have shown their strong presence on Facebook, Instagram, etc. In fact they have been successful enough to make the users expect a video to play without any efforts from their side, when scrolling through Facebook feeds. Almost all major company and brand have taken up this feature to attract audience to their platforms and deliver information to them.

  1. Live Streaming

Live streaming has proved to be a cost effective way to promote your brand. No extra expenditure is required other than a stable internet connection and a good quality HD camera. Once you have these, you are good to go. Transparency is a strong feature to help you build the audience’s trust. It allows you to show the audience the behind the scene shots. Using live stream you can also show your audience what goes around in the office, who all are actually a part of your team, etc.

  1. Artificial Intelligence

Artificial intelligence is a new and rising trend in the field of marketing. With multiple application of this trend, marketers are using it for promoting their products as well as delivering the best user experience to the audience. Some of the ways in which AI has been used by marketers this year are-

  1. Messaging Interface– Marketers have created messaging interface that can help create a smooth conversation process between the machines and humans.
  2. Brand Sophistication- Robots can judge our moods, interests, etc. by analysing our searches and the way we use the internet. Improving the process of extracting such information can help in delivering better products and services to your customers.
  3. Understanding Human Ecosystem- Artificial Intelligence can be used to improvise or develop the human ecosystems like Facebook, Twitter, etc. These are the platforms which the public trusts and is comfortable with, so why not use it to your benefit.

These were the predictions that came true this year, but if you still not believe in predictions, try giving next year a chance with digital marketing predictions for 2018.