Every year there are a million trends that come and promise to make your marketing strategies reach unimaginable heights. Only some actually fulfill their promises, others just go down the drain. Let’s see which ones out of all those actually stayed with the digital marketers and helped them in their B2B marketing-

  • Customer Focused Approach– Would you pay heed to an ad which does not even seem like it is speaking to you? No. Then why would you like to make such ads for your own brands? One thing to make your strategy worth attracting attention is to make it customer-focused. In today’s world, where everything is available at just a click of the mouse, the customers that you have easily get influenced by your competitors. This makes it even important for you to provide them with an even better customer experience. Studies show that only 23% of the marketers are making their marketing strategy customer focused. So what are the rest 77% doing? They also need to work towards the benefit of the customers to be at par with their successful competitors.
  • Content Marketing- We all know how important content marketing is for any website to gain traffic and become popular on the web. But what we do not know is that content marketing is not just about publishing a hoard of content on your website. Instead it is more about formulating a sophisticated and advanced content marketing strategy to get the best out of your content. This year we saw companies realizing the true potential of content marketing and bringing it into use in their B2B marketing efforts. The most important trends that were noticed in the content marketing field this were: – Improving the quality of content and not the quantity of it. Website managers are more focused on publishing high quality content at regular intervals of time, rather than publishing low quality content every now and then. -Publishing a variety of content. Marketers have realized that just publishing written content on a blog won’t work. Instead they need to work on including a variety of content like videos, images, gifs, etc. to make the website interesting. -Integration of old tactics with the latest technology. -Using paid amplifications like LinkedIn, Twitter, etc. to boost the ad distribution and make it reach an even wider audience.
  • Influencer Marketing- The influencer marketing era is going on and if we do not get the best out of this, we are doomed. What makes influencer marketing a catch is that you do not need to put in much effort and just need to rope in a few influential personalities that the audience follow, to promote your product. But you need to keep in mind that influential marketing can be made into a huge marketing strategy if followed seriously. With a detailed research you can build a network of the best influencers and thought leaders and create some good and positive content to engage the audience. The audience always puts its trust in the recommendations of the people that it trusts, so this tactic can be used to improve your brand awareness and build trust between your company and the audience.
  • Executive Branding– Executive branding is the concept of using a brand’s strengths and professional acumen to engage and attract the audience. This concept which used to be just an extra added effort has turned into a necessity since the evolution of social media into a popular media. Even though all marketers have not adopted the strategy to reach the audience yet, but still we may expect them to do so soon.
  • Artificial Intelligence– Artificial Intelligence has had a major impact on how marketers promote their product or plan their marketing strategies. Marketers have been using artificial intelligence to gain insights into the market and predict the upcoming trends. AI can also be used for AI generated content and create content that looks human-created. Voice search is another part of AI’s technological advancements. Voice search has taken the world by storm and has been used widely all over the globe since its launch.

Digital marketing is evolving every day and is coming up with new trends consistently to make it easier and better for the market their products and promote their brand. But not all trends need to be followed blindly. You need to decide for yourself if one trend would actually work for you or not. The world of digital marketing has the number of trends and options to take your company to the top. All you have to do is make the right pick.