5 Marketing Strategies That You Should Follow Religiously

The world of digital marketing is moving on a fast pace. With regular updates being announced for platforms like Facebook, Google, etc. one might think that nothing remains constant here. But that is not the reality. There may be changes in the marketing strategies but the basics are still the same.

Your company’s vision may state that you adapt to changes, but these are the 5 old schooled marketing strategies that you should follow religiously, without any changes-

The Audience-

Marketing is not solely based on logic but also on emotions. One of the most successful ad campaigns like Johnson and Johnson, Manyavar, etc. focus not on logic but on how the public reacts to situations and actions. Working on logic may provide you earnings but working on emotions gives you loyalty. Emotions connect directly with the audience’s hearts and help them relate with the brand, while giving them a reason to consider its products. There are 4 main emotions that a marketer mainly focuses on-

  • Happy– When a brand tries to make their customers happy and content, it increases the rate of sharing and engagement between the brand and the customers.
  • Sad– Inspirational and moving ads have for long had a way with the audience. When a brand tries to connect with the audience on a deeper level, it helps in building trust between the two entities.
  • Fear– Fear works as a great way to influence people to change and take actions. Most ads about cigarettes and climate changes focus on fear as an element to make the audience realise if they do not change and do something for a better tomorrow.
  • Anger– Anger can be quite tough to think of as an ad campaign. But if used correctly, it can help in influencing the audience in the best way possible.

Ad Content

You must have heard the saying-‘a man of words’. The phrase in itself proves that words are an important part of our day to day lives. In the world of digital marketing, words can play wonders when used rightly. Why is it that every time you hear-‘Daag Achhe Hai’, you get reminded of a child soaked in mud and a packet of detergent? It is because the company’s marketing strategy succeeded in delivering to the audience’s mind its concept and product, and that is going to last forever. Marketers believe that a good ad copy consists of 3 main elements-

  • Catches attention
  • Educates
  • Delivers truth

A good ad makes sure that these things do not get neglected in its copy.

Futuristic Approach-

Work today, but work for tomorrow. Ever wondered about how we got the airplane? At a point of time the only thing to fly up in the sky used to be the bird and if the Wright Brothers had not had a futuristic approach and dreamt of flying in a plane, we may still have been stuck at the ground. Thinking of the coming future gives you the courage to take risks and work harder at achieving something new and unusual.

Understanding Relationship

One may ask –“What is the best way to grow your business”. I would say that it is by understanding relationship. Knowing what your vendor, supplier, and consumer want is the easiest and most basic way to fulfill all the needs and grow. Having a good relationship develops trust between the company and audience, which in returns supports growth. Novices believe that building trust and relationship is a hard task, but that’s not really true. Follow these ways and build good relationships easily-

  • Efficient Service– A brand that prov9ides its customers with efficient services will forever be popular amongst them. People do not talk about how your product got delivered just perfectly most of the time, but they will surely talk about how it was delivered late and in a rotten condition once in the lifetime. Efficient service helps a brand maintain good image and retain loyal customers.
  • Maintain Consistency – Stay consistent and make your brand stay consistent. Let your employees and customers know what they are buying and working for respectively. If you are not consistent in your efforts, no one else around you and your brand will be.

Mirror to the Past

Always keep a mirror to the past and remember what made you rise and what led you down. Keeping in mind the past will forever help you in having a prosperous future.


The tactics given above are tried and tested ways of improving your marketing strategies and brand. Now it is upon you that how to bring them to use and implement them, to benefit your company. Make good use of these and take your business to greater heights.